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Optimus is an independent engineering consultancy and project delivery company serving the upstream and downstream energy business.






Offshore field development engineering

Offshore field development engineering
Innovative concept makes client's subsea tieback project economic.

LPG fractionation and gas injection plant

LPG fractionation and gas injection plant
Project delivered in the Nile Delta with engineering costs under 10% of CAPEX.




Our core areas of expertise are in conceptual and front-end process engineering, safety and risk management and strategic development.

Business Improvement Group




Optimus design engineers fully understand the considerations that drive projects from concept through design and into operation.

Process Design
Facilities Engineering
Structural Detailed Design
Safety Design




Experienced, common sense engineering to complete projects with engineering and project management costs within 10% of CAPEX.


LPG Fractionation

Offshore Field Development

FEED for North Sea NUI

HAZOP Studies