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"Optimus is a great company, with great people. As we expand it seems the types of projects are becoming more varied. Always learning something new from the work we do but also learning from the experiences of some of the other engineers on previous work that they have done."
Graduate Structural Engineer


"I believe Optimus is an excellent company for a Process Engineering graduate to start in due to the exposure to all aspects of the industry, the knowledge of the more experienced engineers here and the increased responsibility which comes from working in a smaller company. The opportunity to be seconded by Optimus to an operating company is an excellent way to gain operational experience. This breadth of experience helps when it comes to chartership."
Graduate Process Engineer


"Working at Optimus really gives you an opportunity to hone your skills in thermodynamics, fluid dynamics and heat and mass transfer. Rather than studying it on a purely theoretical level you are working with other engineers to solve real industry problems and constantly developing your technical skills. There is solid group of graduates which makes it very easy to meet and socialise with people of a similar age and level in their career."
Graduate Process Engineer


"As Optimus is a relatively small company there is a friendly and personal atmosphere in the office. There is also a very good ratio of senior engineers to graduates meaning that there is always someone to help if you are having an issue with a project. There are very experienced engineers, designers and analysts and the chance to work with them on different projects is a great way to learn the specific disciplines of structural engineering and to develop in all of them. I relocated to Aberdeen to pursue my interest in offshore engineering. As a young graduate it is an exciting place to be and offers the variety and technical complexity of work that will really allow me to develop as an engineer."
Graduate Structural Engineer


"I was surprised how people-focussed the company is and how well you are treated as an individual. There continues to be plenty of opportunities to socialise at company events and get involved in training that might not be directly relevant to engineering. Around the office there is a positive attitude towards work."
Graduate Structural Engineer


"Working with Optimus definitely gives me high perspectives for the future, and Optimus does everything to make me feel that I can achieve what I want and I can grow with the company. Optimus is a very cosmopolitan company, I really enjoy working with people from different backgrounds/countries and share wide experiences. All of this contributes to make me feel that I’m part of the company like any other person in the company, and I am a fully-fledged individual and not just a ‘payroll number’."
Safety Loss Prevention Engineer