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Optimus have the capacity and experience to bring a fabrication capability to a project.

Example: West Dikirnis Phase 1 & 2: Separation Vessels and Pipe Rack
West Dikirnis phase 1 included separation stabilisation 20,000 bpd and, 50MMSCFD. The HP separator fabricated from 80mm thick steel procured from Ukraine. The HP separator was ordered in February and delivered to site in August, fully dressed at Optimus’ facility in Bulgaria which compared favourably to the 14 month lead time quoted from the UK. The stabilisation vessels and exchangers were built in UK and shipped to Bulgaria to be fabricated as PAU’s for onward shipping to site.

For West Dikirnis Phase 2 the LPG Fractionation Columns and all associated vessels were built in Bulgaria. The column trays were designed in the UK and built in EU. Optimus fabricated 36 pipe racks in Bulgaria built in 40 foot sections for easy transportation. The debutanizer vessel was built in two sections and installed on site. The vessels were assembled as PAU’s in Bulgaria for transportation to Egypt. Pre-commissioning loop checks were carried out and each skid certified before leaving Bulgaria.


Platform modifications
As part of the ongoing Galata field development Optimus have done the piping and control modifications for the upgrade to the Galata platform to accommodate sub-sea tie-backs. The pipes were fabricated and installed by Optimus and the MEG & Hydraulic well control systems upgraded and included in the Galata operating system.