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Business Improvement Group:

Meeting Facilitation


It is common especially on long projects or in operations environments for group-think to develop. Optimus offer clients meeting facilitation as a stand-alone service that may encompass any of our services or simply act as a fresh face to ask those uncomfortable questions that need to be asked. Our experience in dealing with decision making, value analysis, cost and risk scheduling, risk workshops, numeric modelling, spares optimisation, operational readiness and shutdown planning combined with the use of some new and standard facilitation techniques allows us to assist in facilitating quite disparate elements into a cohesive team. The results have surprised frustrated project managers and even proved to have an enduring effect as teams focus around our sessions and learn to work together.


Meeting techniques;


  • Risk workshop
  • Scenario planning
  • Project team co-ordination
  • Multi-discipline problem solving
  • Contractor / client open discussion forum