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Business Improvement Group:

Decision Analysis


"Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide."

In all areas and at all levels of the oil and gas industry decisions that can have a huge impact on companies' futures are being made. We feel that now more than ever that applying Decision & Risk Analysis (D&RA) to projects is vital. Our specialised quantitative and qualitative approach ensures that the best use is made of the available data whilst also appreciating the decision-making is a fundamentally human process that is driven as much by a company's notions of value as by management information.


Qualitative Approach
Facilitate a workshop of the key individuals to ascertain the following:


  • Framing of the problem
  • Define client value system / perception of success
  • Assemble all available project data & understand any other variables


Quantitative Approach
Optimus will take the output of the facilities workshop and apply quantities techniques that are fully transparent to the client to come up with the following tools to help clarify the decision-maker's options:


  • Option Selection vs. Value System
  • Decision Tree