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Business Improvement Group:

Cost and Schedule Risk


"If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans."

Cost and schedule are defining parameters of any project or investment and yet over-budget and behind schedule projects are still the scourges of our industry. Uncertainty exists at all phases of the project cycle but our tried and tested approach gives projects AFEs and schedules the necessary strength tests to see where these defining parameters are at risk of being breached. We have a track record for applying this type of work on projects from conceptual design right through to project delivery.


Risk based budgets reduce the chance of unwelcome surprises during the project. It also provides an auditable decision-making process and Informs project team on areas of likely schedule over-run and allows focused mitigation planning.



  • Desktop Cost & Schedule analysis using up-to-date tools
  • Facilitation of workshop bringing together key individuals


  • Cost and schedule predictions for project sanction
  • Analysis of Tenders – cost and schedule verifications that
  • Contingency setting, phasing and management throughout project lifecycle
  • Liquidated damages analysis
  • Planned maintenance campaigns
  • Shutdown work programme scheduling