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About Us


Optimus is an integrated project delivery and engineering consultancy serving clients around the world.

Founded in 1999 by director Ian Bell, Optimus began as an engineering consultancy with a headcount of four. In just over a decade it has grown into an integrated project delivery and engineering consultancy with almost 100 employees.

We are proud of our record in repeat client business. Some of our clients have been working with us for more than seven years and they have entrusted us with projects around the world, from Eastern Europe to North Africa and the Far East. Please click here to learn more in our case studies section >

Innovative engineering
Since its inception Optimus has focussed on innovation. We recruit some of Aberdeen’s most experienced engineers and bring in the brightest young talent to ensure that our engineering approach combines innovation and decades of hands-on experience to produce common sense and cost effective solutions.

Optimus can provide engineering services in: process, structural, safety and loss prevention, facilities, business improvement, maintenance and operations, commissioning, decommissioning and manpower resourcing.

Cost effective project-management
Our Optimus projects team carry out small-to-medium-sized projects with lower overheads than the North Sea has become accustomed to. We have a history of delivering projects on-time and on-schedule with engineering costs amounting to around 10 % of CAPEX. Welcome to projects the Optimus way!

Key objectives are agreed with client at project kick off. Small teams with appropriate skills are assigned to the job with an experienced and common-sense attitude. Optimus project services support the teams as required. The assigned job manager has a focus of delivering a technically acceptable job on schedule on budget. The engineering team will have highly experienced individuals who have the right attitude towards projects.

Optimus remains focused on the key requirements of the job balancing costs schedule and technical solution to meet the project objectives.